Sisters in Scripture

Sisters in Scripture

Sisters in Scripture, Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

Sisters in Scripture: Exploring the Relationships of Biblical Women was created in response to the demand from Catholic women to have a scripture study that was made for women and focused on a specific theme.  By focusing on pairings of biblical women and their relationships, Sisters in Scripture, combines the themes of spirituality and relationship, concepts close to the hearts of women.  The first half looks at some fascinating women from the Old Testament while women from the New Testament are highlighted in the second half, enabling us to encounter them in new, surprising ways.

Originally designed and used in a parish, Sisters in Scripture has also been used successfully in a home setting.  It has been a tool for women who have already been coming together for a long time and it has been the occasion for women from various places to come together for the first time.  While the request for this study came from Catholic women, it has consistently been used by women from other Christian denominations as well. 

All sessions incorporate prayer, reading scripture, background information, responding to reflection questions and learning how to use the tools of biblical scholarship.  This is enhanced by the faith sharing that happens in coming together as a small group.  Thus, women grow on many levels—in their relationship with God, their self-awareness and in community. 

In this scripture study, Sisters in Scripture, we will be given background material each week, read the appropriate scripture passages, prayerfully reflect upon them and respond to the reflection questions. When we come together as a group, we will share our responses, questions, and insights with one another and then use the tools of biblical scholarship to help us learn more about these particular stories and about the Bible as a whole.

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