Sisters in Scripture
You Change My World Just By Being In It!    9/22/2020
Dad cranked up the radio dial to the max as the Mitch Miller gang belted out,

"She’s the sweetest little rose bud that Texas ever knew
Her eyes are bright as diamonds; they sparkle like the dew…”

"Everybody, sing to Beth!” he called out. The car fairly rocked down the rode as we all joined in on "The Yellow Rose of Texas.” Dad had chosen this as the theme song for our new baby, Beth. It may have been the song—he loved a great sing-along. It may have been his love of all things Western—though we lived in Connecticut. It may have been that the lyrics suited this little charmer with her rosy cheeks and bright eyes. But his enthusiasm went beyond the music and beyond far-off Texas; his enthusiasm was for this newest little girl in his life. It was an enthusiasm undiminished by her being child number six and daughter number five. (There were two more yet to come). I was just old enough to remember how he laughed and rocked her and simply delighted in her being. 

When my own daughter was expecting her second child, she took two-year-old Julia with her to her doctor appointment. Julia’s little feet dangled over the edge of the chair as the doctor explained, "I’m going to turn the sound up, Julia, and if you listen carefully, you can hear your brother's heartbeat.” Julia’s eyes grew wide with intent and then a smile spread across her face. She slid off the chair and twirled, "I will dance to it! I will dance for my brother!”  

There was a sign over the parish secretary’s desk that greeted each person as they came into the church office: How will I know when it is the dawn of a new day? When there is enough light in the world to look into the face of a stranger and recognize my brother. 

May we always sing and celebrate our sister. 
May we learn to dance to the heartbeat of our brother.
May we come to see with eyes that recognize 
that are all our sister and brother. 

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This Time a Video Clip    9/8/2020

Dealing with Covid Losses

A departure this week from the usual written format. Instead I needed to show you rather than tell you what I had to say. So I recorded a video clip and now you can see me in person. smiley You can watch at this YouTube link: 
Letting Go of Corona Losses

I hope you find this useful and I'd love to hear your feedback. Here are the two sources I refer to in the video:

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