Sisters in Scripture
A Real Romance Story    8/28/2019
The summer I was 13, I discovered the kind of love rarely found in a romance novel.  I didn’t learn about love from a new boy in town or a bronzed lifeguard, but from a fortyish father of eight—my dad.
The family was moving from the East Coast to Arizona.  Mom flew ahead to Tucson with the baby and my next sister.  The rest of us piled into the station wagon for the long cross-country drive.  I tried to "mother” my five younger sisters and brother from the front seat as I helped dad navigate.  After four days of turnpikes and highways, we arrived—punchy and tired, in Sioux City, Iowa, my mother’s hometown.
We were all ready for a break.  Visiting and playing with our cousins for a couple days was just what we needed.  On the last afternoon of our stay, Dad took me aside.  "Let’s go for ride,” he said.  "Just you and me.”  He didn’t have to ask twice.


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