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It Matters - some sisterly advice    6/17/2020
Someone had a significant birthday, the kind that ends with a "0.” There are eight of us and we had gathered six times already for this particular "0”--as many of us as could come. Now it was #7’s turn. Our brother-in-the-middle couldn’t make it, so we gathered as seven sisters, the first time it was only girls. 

After the birthday dinner and presents, in mid-cake, as I recall, it was remembered that I am ten years the senior of the birthday girl and had a "0” of my own coming soon. The request came, "What kind of wisdom do you have, Kathleen, from your advanced age?” (You get used to this language when you have six "little sisters”).

I could have whipped out a clever reply—if I were good at that sort of thing, but I paused, instead, to consider. I really wanted to get this right. I still felt that childhood admonition to watch out for the little ones. Did I have any wisdom? What do I know from going first that they should also know?

"It really matters,” I said, "what you do. It matters—all of it. And somehow, it matters more than it ever did.” I was laying down the words for my thoughts to step out upon. I’d been thinking this for a long time, but only now finding the words.

"It’s like football. It’s the fourth quarter and you are in the red zone. You’re not going to dink around with what-if plays. You gotta get this right. When I was younger, it didn’t matter so much if I did things half-way, didn’t follow-through, didn’t wring out of each experience all that it had to teach me. There would always be other times, right? Now, it matters. I want to give my best effort to whatever is my lot right then—good or bad.

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Best To-Do Ever!    6/3/2020
It is good to have goals. It is good to make lists, to have to-dos. To have a daily challenge is a good thing. The best one ever issued to me came from my youngest grandson, then a preschooler.

"Kiss me 100 times today!” 

His arms were tight around my neck and a wet smack of a kiss was planted on my cheek. Of course, I hugged him right back and placed a tender kiss upon his face.

There is so much I remember about that moment. I remember the feel of it, his little body flung into my arms. I remember how my heart flip-flopped in reply. I remember the joy and enthusiasm in his face. Best idea ever!

He’s in college now. Last night I got a text just as my head hit the pillow, "I know it’s late there. How ‘bout I call you tomorrow?” My heart flip-flopped. I texted back, "Best idea ever!”

We are also in, what, week twelve, of stay-in-place? Forget the toilet paper shortage. The one I feel is the shortage of hugs and kisses. But I digress.

This morning at prayer, I looked to the day ahead to ask God’s grace and guidance. I wanted to live the gift of this day with awareness and gratitude. I've learned that to do so means signing up for it again--many times throughout the day. 

A sense of dismay came as I recalled my track record of previous days, how quickly each one passed without my stopping for either awareness or for gratitude. I really wanted to do better, to live this day well, and fervently asked for God’s help. 

"How many times today will you have to remind me, Lord?” I asked. Spontaneous, unbidden memory rose and spoke in sweet reply,

"Kiss me one 100 times today!”

My heart flip-flopped. Not a chore but a kiss. I get it now. 

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