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A Joyful grateful    04/21/2021
Hugs grateful

 9 am Saturday morning, standing outside the sliding doors at XNA, the local airport. "Passengers Only,” says the sign, so I peer through the glass until I see a familiar silhouette descending on the escalator. He waves and as he gets closer; I see that grin. The doors slide open, I go to my tippy-toes, and he bends down. I hug him, rocking back and forth saying, "I am so happy, I am so happy.” I think he actually lifted me slightly as we moved a bit aside so that others could go by—but I wasn’t letting go. There were thirteen months of longing in that embrace.

Hugging my 22-year-old grandson. That was my moment of reunion after Covid isolation. There have already been others: a family dinner for my daughter’s birthday, the simple act of gathering with neighbors, returning to in-person worship on Easter morn—even if it was masked and SD.  These reunions are playing themselves out, or will soon, all around us. Thank God, yes, thank You! I do hope that all of you have experienced such reunions or hope to soon.

You are now free to get up and move about the cabin...

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