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Christ has walked this path    02/17/2021
Today is Ash Wednesday and we begin again a walk--familiar, dear, difficult by design, and rich with meaning and memory. Lent is often seen as a 40 day journey, following in the footsteps of Jesus. But after a near full-year of the forced march of Covid, we may want to think twice before putting one foot in front of another. We are tired, without ambition to take on more. 

This may be the year to re-frame the journey. This simple, lovely song by Jeff Johnson brings us back to an all important truth. Click below, listen, and know you are not alone. (and read all the way through to the bottom for Lent ideas)


Witnesses on the Way

Mid-way through Lent, Betsey and I are offering a Zoom retreat and would love to have you join us. It is a surprisingly easy and personal format and can be joined no matter where you live. Through scripture, reflection, music, and prayer we will creatively recreate the Stations of the Cross and the stories leading up to them. 

Saturday, March 13th, 9am – 3pm (PDT)
10am – 4pm (MDT), 11am – 5pm (CDT), 12pm – 6pm (EDT)
"lunch” break included
via Zoom for St. Placid’s Priory, Lacey, WA 

What to expect…
The morning begins by setting the scene, the great city of Jerusalem in the spring of the year at Passover, in times both troubled and hopeful. Who was there? We gather the witnesses, those whose lives will be changed forever by the events of that day. We will be given the name for the Witness that will be ours and join a zoom breakout with others having the same person. Using scripture, historical background, reflection questions, and our creative imagination we create the back story for our specific Witness. After our breakout, we come together to meet the other Witnesses. 
Prayer, song and movement are woven throughout all of these gatherings, large and small.  
After lunch break, we are guided in planning the liturgy for an interactive Stations of the Cross. Our retreat ends with the Stations in character, a powerful and moving experience. Once again, Kathleen will be joined by Betsey Beckman as co-presenter!  
To register: Contact The Priory Program price: $55

How many times has the cross been traced upon your brow? First at baptism with the sweet scent of chrism, then sometime later, with one hand still in your mother's, you may have lifted an upturned face to repeat that action with ashes--and repeated it many times more.

Some of us--my siblings, children, and grandchildren, for sure, remember the cross traced upon our foreheads each time we departed from home, "God bless you and bring you home safely." We never started out on a journey unblessed.

However you choose to start this Lent, may you know that you are blessed, that you walk with good companions, and that you are held in strong fingered Hands.

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Today's a Special Day!    02/02/2021

This is no ordinary Tuesday, folks. Today is: (check which ones you know)

  • The Feast of the Presentation
  • Forty days after Christmas
  • Midway between the winter solstice and spring equinox
  • Candlemas Day
  • The Feast of St. Brigid
  • Groundhog Day 
…and they are all connected! 

  My guess is that Groundhog Day will gather the most checks. Punxsutawny Phil’s prognostications are legendary and have their root in medieval lore: "If Candlemas Day be fair and bright / Winter will have another fight/ If Candlemas Day brings cloud and rain, /Winter will not come again.” Transplanted to Pennsylvania by the Germans who settled there, Groundhog Day is a bright spot in the drear of winter. 

In a year made more drear by Covid isolation and worry, this has become "the winter of our discontent.” Today we get to turn the corner toward Spring, always an event to celebrate, though this year, arguably, more so than most. Whatever the coming of Spring heralds for you, today is the day to mark that it is measurably closer. Daylight hours are lengthening and while the cold may still win some battles, the war will be won by warmth. 
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