Sisters in Scripture
Prayer Curls    02/26/2016

Slowly colorful slips of paper curl beneath my fingers.  I say aloud the name written inside and place it gently among the others filling the prayer basket.  Touching the curls, I am reminded of the wood shavings that spiral beneath a plane.  Did the boy Jesus play with such curls at Joseph’s feet, I wonder?  For countless hours, I suspect. 

A visual reminder of blessing and promise, each paper contains the name of someone who’s signed up for the Easter retreat, Witnesses to Resurrection.  I pray their Lenten journey is drawing them deeper into their walk with Jesus or at least giving them inklings that he walks alongside.  My own journey is now linked with theirs as I hold them in prayer and plan for our time together after Easter.  God gives gifts "in good measure, packed together, shaken down, overflowing, poured into your lap.” (Lk 6:38)   Are not all those for whom we pray given as gift?  In abundant measure, I suspect. 


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