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Why Did the Pumpkin Cross the Road?    11/16/2015
The wet season is upon us here in the Pacific Northwest.  My commute north transports me from the drizzle of Seattle to the deluge of the Stillaguamish where storms, unimpeded by the Olympic Range, drop their heavy load.  When storm after storm rolls in, folks measure their days by the rising river, road closures and flooded fields.  
Just before dark last night I noted through slanting rain and slapping wipers that the "Stilly,” what locals call the Stillaguamish, was moving swift above its normal banks but was still contained and still a several feet below the level of the road.  Coming back today, early morning light revealed the same—sign of a peaceful night.   Barely a half mile in, along Route 530, I pass a pumpkin field on my left.  Here it is in its earlier autumn splendor, when the sun was still shining:

And here it is after the glory days of autumn, the way it looked just yesterday:


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