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Life is Like a Ham...    10/21/2020
"Life is like slicing through a ham. The fat and the lean just lie alongside one another." I'm not sure who said it--though I suspect a Southern writer.

Have you not found it to be so? I do believe we are more aware of those times when sweet, juicy, succulent ham gives way to the flab of fat. You know, you're riding high on the crest of a wave, then suddenly you're tumbling in the trough. But the reverse is also true--that lean pink meat reveals itself on just the other side of a streak of fat. I can tell there is not a day so dark or damp that a call from one of my grandkids doesn't cause my world to shine.

Sweet, sorrowful, challenging, playful, lonely, sad, jubilant, tired, peaceful, anxious, confident - the grab bag of feelings that life contains can be pretty random at times. As we slice through the ham of life, we do not even or always have the luxury of transition. Fat and lean each quickly follow upon the other without asking our prediction or permission. It's a good thing to be mindful of in the mid-slice of the moment that we occupy.

Certainly this is true in the succession of days we call life, even as it is true in a 24-hour cycle. But it is also true beyond our personal experience. As we look to our neighbors and the world around us, that same slice of time, that same common circumstance, can reveal very different outcomes.

These Covid days have brought both loss and unexpected blessing, but at any given time, different ones of us are experiencing just the one, not the other. I have never seen so many families out bicycling with their children as I have this year. I smile as they wheel by and wonder how these children will one day remember the year their parents worked from home. But I also know there are children stuck in homes that are chaotic, even abusive and they have no place to go. I wonder how they will one day remember the year their parents worked from home? 
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