Sisters in Scripture
Today is Her Day!    10/26/2015

TODAY IS HER DAY!  Once every other year, on a weekday reading, we hear this woman’s story.  Today, Monday of the 30th Week in Ordinary time, we read about the Bent Woman in Luke 13:10-17.  Hers is a powerful story we never hear on a Sunday.  So take a minute and look it up.  She is worth the read.
 "Lift up the Lowly” (Luke 1:52)

Here are some reflection questions from NEVER ON SUNDAY to follow up your reading:

1.    The woman is introduced as having been possessed by a spirit for 18 years, a common explanation for irregular medical conditions.  What might this woman’s own understanding of her affliction be after 18 years?  Her self-esteem?

2.    The gospel says she was quite unable to stand up.  What kind of world view would she have after facing the ground for 18 years?

3.    Did she ask for healing?  Who initiated the interactions?  Did Jesus ask anything of her first?  Can you think of other stories where Jesus acted first?  Why do you think Jesus did what he did and what does this tell you about him?

4.    Jesus asks the Chief of the Synagogue if he would not care for his ox or ass on the Sabbath and compares that to this "daughter of Abraham” who also needs to be unshackled.  How does the image of a fettered animal compare to her condition?  How does that compare to the dignity of being called a "daughter of Abraham?”  How does this make her feel?

5.    In straightening her back, the woman’s spirit is also cured.  Which, in your opinion, is the greater healing?
6.    There is no exception taken to her being in the synagogue so we may surmise that a woman’s being there was not out of the ordinary.  This tells us something about women and worship but also underscores her invisibility.  Why did Jesus notice her?  Compare what happened here to Mary’s prediction in the Magnificat that the child to be born will "lift up the lowly.”  (Luke 1:52)


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