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Tikkun Olam - The Repair of the World
4/17/2020 Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

 Our Broken Earth If ever there was a time... Right now, we are more aware than ever of the grand scheme of things, the connectedness among all beings. Rarely have we been more aware of the necessity of combined effort to bring about good. We are all in this together. Where each individual tikkun olam contributes to the repair of the world, the cooperation of all toward that repair exponentially magnifies the effect.

And, so, it is a time when tikkun olam takes center stage, "bringing us closer to the harmonious state for which [the world] was created." This, of course, supposes that the creation of the world has purpose and that the purpose is good. Which brings me to how tikkun olam has advised my prayer.

As a Christian, I pray in a uniquely Trinitarian way. Each morning, I thank God for the new day given and for the three things I know it will contain: beauty/kindness, opportunity/involvement, difficulty/growth.

I thank You, God, for the beauty and the kindness that I will encounter in this new day. May I notice and be uplifted by them. May they remind me that You, Creator God, know what You are doing, that life has purpose, and your Purpose is good.

I thank You, God, for all the encounters this day will hold, encounters with people, events, ideas--each one an invitation to place my hand into the hands of You, Redeemer God, and cooperate with You in the tikkun olam of the world.  

I thank You, God, for all the challenges that this day will hold, for each of them, I have come to learn, draws me into the loving arms of You, Spirit of God, ever ready to comfort and to guide with grace, wisdom, and strength.

I hope God blesses this interweaving of Jewish wisdom and Christian prayer, that the prayer itself, and my sharing it with you, becomes a way to repair the world.


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