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Holy Saturday

Sunrise on Holy Saturday 
Holy Saturday has always been an "extra" day, a transition between the low of Lent and the Alleluia of Easter. This year, however, I find myself reflecting and feeling more connected than ever before to that first Holy Saturday, that day after Jesus died.

Mary Magdalene and the others had not read the story. They did not know how it ended. They did not even know there was a next chapter. Their world, and life as they knew it and hoped for, had died the day before.

What was it like to wake up that day-if they slept at all? And if they slept, what terror did their dreams hold for them in the night? To wake up and be struck with the brutal realization that what had happened was not a nightmare. It was real. He was gone. He was dead.

And it was the Sabbath. They could not go out and about. They could not immerse themselves in busyness and daily activity, pretend it hadn't happened, pretend life could go on. The Sabbath enforced their immobility, their inactivity. All they could do was wait and remember.

Stay at home and wait.

God has a timeline and it is not ours. Easter comes but not at our bidding. Sometimes it takes a little longer. We have, however, read the rest of the story. And that is the difference. We live our lives, we adjust our attitude, we make our choices, in light of the end of the story. That is our hope. Christ is our hope. He has not left. He will walk among us healing the sick, comforting the sorrowful, laughing with us in our joys, encouraging us in our trials, our companion at table, drawing alongside as we walk alone, gathering with us when we come together, welcoming us at the end.
Blessings on this Holy Saturday,

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God bless,  Kathleen

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