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A Thanksgiving Challenge
11/26/2019 Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

 A Thanksgiving challenge. . .

A Preposition 
   Proposition   for Thanksgiving 

So here's the Thanksgiving challenge:

Before and after dinner weigh in? Nope
Push away that second piece of pie? No
Favorite recipe throw down? Not this time!
Loudest snorer in the living room? Don't think so. . . . 
Instead, a simple grammatical substitution. At Thanksgiving, we pause to recall and name all those things we are grateful FOR—and that’s good. This year let’s take it up a notch. Let’s not just say, "I am grateful FOR,” let us say, "I am grateful TO.”  

For example: 
"I am thankful for the food before us,” can expand to: 
"I am grateful TO Mom and Sally and Grandma for cooking, 
to the farmers who grew the food, the truckers and grocers who brought it to us, 
to the good Lord who causes all things to grow and nourish us, etc.”

"I am thankful for finishing my first quarter at the university,” becomes:
"I am thankful TO my parents paying my tuition, 
the good teachers who prepared me, especially Ms. Devine, my 3rd grade teacher, 
and good friends who helped me study, etc.”

"I am grateful for good health,” now adds:
"I am thankful TO God for the gift of life and healing
to the doctors and nurses who helped me with chemo,
my family and friends who gave me support
our church community who prayed for me, etc.”

Notice the difference? A subtle reminder that it’s not about us. Nothing we have or do is because of ourselves alone. We are all interconnected, and most roads lead back to the One who provides for us—for that, let us give thanks.

AND, this weekend, Advent begins. Watch your inbox for a weekly Advent newsletter from Sisters in Scripture. To help you prepare for the coming of Christ, each week a sample of the Advent retreat, ONCE UPON A TIME IN A TOWN CALLED NAZARETH will be sent your way. Enjoy and share with friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for this ministry and. . .
TO a faithful God who has invited me to serve and provided me with the gifts to do so.
TO friends who have followed this ministry over the  years-online, at retreats, with my studies.
TO Ellen, Jo, Gloria, and Peg who can be called on at moment's notice to edit and give opinion
TO Brian and family who patiently put up with my absence while I "play".


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