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Advent Invitation
11/26/2018 Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

Advent invites us...

not to hurry, but to slow down...
not to acquire, but to let go...
not to celebrate, but to anticipate...
not to do, but to be.

This year is one of those rare ones when Advent does not begin on Thanksgiving weekend. In that space after turkey casseroles, shopping and to-do lists, we have a few days to turn our faces to the coming season of Advent, a season of darkness and waiting. 
Why turn from light to darkness? Why halt when there's so much to do? Why turn inward when the whole world beckons? Because some things...

take time,
take quiet,
take darkness
take intention.

We can only glimpse the deeper meaning of Christmas as God-with-us if we are willing to be intentional. When we choose to enter this liminal space, we sidestep, at least for a time, the hurly-burly rush toward a Christmas that celebrates ever-larger gifts, revelry, sentimental nostalgia and the inevitable post-Christmas crash that asks, "Is that all there is?" 

Set aside some time in the coming days to make some choices around Advent. Some suggestions:

In the quiet of pre-dawn darkness or evening gloaming, light a single candle or advent wreath. Enjoy the glow and stillness, quiet your mind and be open to God's presence alongside

Read the first chapter of Luke, a few verses a day. Write down phrases, ideas or words you had not noticed before. Save Luke 2:1-20, the Nativity narrative, to savor on Christmas eve or day.

Set your phone to chime each day at noon or some other appointed time. Stop what you are about and sit quietly. Enjoy. Reflect. Decide to say "yes" to all the good intention you can bring to the day.

Create your own Advent space--blue or purple cloth beneath the candle, a Bible or journal alongside, a personal symbol like a branch or pine cone. Save the Christ Child to add to the Nativity set on Christmas morn.
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