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First Week of 2021's Advent
12/1/2021 Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

Retro Wednesday this first week of Advent. I am sharing last year's post of how to make a child-friendly Advent wreath and the prayer used through a couple generations now. 

Different people can take different roles--even the youngest can ask, "why do we light...?" Another can answer, someone can say the prayer, and of course, yet another can begin it all by lighting the candles. If it's just adults, you may want to omit #1.
Week 1, Hope

#1: Why do we light one candle?

#2: We light one candle to remind us of HOPE. We have hope because God promised to send the world a savior.

#3: Christ, you are our hope in world in need of hope. This Advent, help us slow down, listen to your voice, and focus on what is most important. We place our hope in you as we prepare our hearts to celebrate your coming on Christmas. Amen.

Week 2, Peace

#1: Why do we light two candles?

#2: The first candle reminds us of Hope. The second candle reminds us of PEACE because Jesus comes as the Prince of Peace.

#3: Christ, you entered our world on Christmas as the Prince of Peace. This Advent, as we strive to become the-best-version-of-ourselves, fill us with a deep and abiding peace. Help us share that peace with everyone we encounter, especially those who need it most. Amen.

Week 3, Joy

#1: Why do we light three candles?

#2: The first candle reminds us of hope. The second candle reminds us of peace. The third candle reminds us of JOY because of the joy we feel knowing Jesus is coming.

Christ, help us focus on you during this busy season. May we stay aware of the joy you bring into our lives. We want to find you in the everyday moments and come with hearts of gratitude to your manger on Christmas. Amen.

And why is the candle pink? As a sign of Joy! We are half-way to Christmas. This Sunday is, in fact, known as Gaudete Sunday from the Latin word for joy.

Week 4, Love

#1: Why do we light four candles? 

#2: The first candle reminds us of hope. The second candle reminds us of peace. The third candle reminds us of joy. The fourth candle reminds us of LOVE because God is love.

#3: Christ, may the light of your love always shine in our hearts. As Christmas draws closer, we marvel at your great love for us. Let your love transform every aspect of our lives and touch everyone we encounter. Our hearts are open to you, Jesus. Amen.
And NEW for this Advent, a Saturday morning together in some very good company--you, me, and a few dear friends, including Mary and Elizabeth!. This year on the Fourth Sunday of Advent, we hear the beautiful story of two women who believed in God's promise in the most extraordinary of ways. Join with me as we celebrate the friendships of women of faith, the ways in which we support one another, and how God is still stirring in our lives. Invite a friend to come with you--even a friend who is far away. 

Blessed is she who believed… (Luke 1:45) 

An Advent Retreat inspired by
Mary and Elizabeth

Saturday, December 18, 2021
9 am – noon (PST)
Zoom format hosted by St. Placid Priory, Lacey, WA

The joy of the Magnificat, the tender scene of reunion, the friendship between women of shared faith--what better way to celebrate the wondrous season that is Advent. Come join us for this uplifting morning--and invite a friend to come too! Cost: $45 OR 2 for $75 if you bring that friend.

To register and for more info go to Advent at the Priory 

 As always, I love to hear from you. Questions or comments: contact me

To learn more about Sisters in Scripture, visit my website at: Sisters in Scripture 

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