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Merry Christmas
12/26/2011 Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

My first waking thought on the birthday of any of my siblings is always of them followed by a conscious, "Thank you." I cannot imagine life without them. No doubt this habit goes back to childhood and the appreciation that was fostered in each of us for one another. I do the same, of course, as an adult for all those I love--my husband, children, grandchildren and dear friends. Every birthday intentionally marks how the world, at least my world, had been made better by the birth of that person.

As the sun tinged the eastern sky a faint pink, I woke to the realization of Christmas dawning. "Thank you," I mumbled into the covers. "I cannot imagine life without You." Later today in the brilliant afternoon sunshine I took a long walk and tried to imagine what that would be like. What if, Christ hadn't come? What would be different? I'm not sure about the world, how it would be different. In so many ways, it seems we've failed to bring about the Kingdom he came to establish. There were people and times that seemed to embody it, when we seemed to come close. I've been fortunate to know some of those people personally and others through story. They give me great hope. But if, as I pondered throughout Advent, his coming was the breakthrough of something completely new, we are, at best, a work-in-progress

On a personal level, the results were more obvious. Like the brother and sisters who share my life, I literally could not imagine what life would be like without Jesus in it. I tried but there are no pre-Jesus memories for me. Imagining life without that relationship leaves me becalmed, without even the faintest stirrings of what-would-be.

Mind you, I'm not at all sure that this is obvious to others. Therein lies the rub. The Kingdom is still a work-in-progress in ME as well. Sort of leaves me with little to stand on as I assess our world at large.

There's an interconnectedness, a warp and woof to life that we only glimpse occasionally. We rarely recognize how it all comes together but there's more going on here than meets the eye. God is always about bringing to birth something new, in even the most unremarkable of places and persons. Perhaps we are all residents of Bedford Falls.  Perhaps the Kingdom, if it is to come at all, will come here.

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