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Never on Sunday

Never on Sunday | Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

Never on Sunday:
A Look at the Women Not in the Lectionary

For the past 40 years the Faithful at Mass have enjoyed hearing the Word of God on Sundays from the new lectionary. This 3-year cycle lectionary was first introduced on Palm Sunday, 1970, a result of the changes mandated by the Second Vatican Council. Many more books and passages of the Bible have thus been made available to Catholics. Homilies have been based on these readings to demonstrate the connection between scripture and daily Christian life. This single fact has done much to contribute to the biblical literacy of Catholics and to nurture an interest in the study of the Sacred Scriptures.

Most Catholics, if asked, would likely assume that while some scripture had, of necessity, to be left behind, the lectionary represented the heart or "cream” of the Bible—that we were, in fact, getting essentially what was most important. In choosing what to include in the lectionary and what to leave out, there were, of course, consequences. One of the casualties of the choices made is that some significant biblical passages about women were omitted, relegated to weekday readings, or designated as optional.

This scripture study invites us to look at these stories left on the cutting room floor, those "left behind.” Collectively, they represent a significant portion of biblical women. Their life stories, circumstances, and witness of faith will never be read aloud on a Sunday or developed in the homily. By retrieving these pieces, we reclaim an important portion of our heritage as daughters of the living God and followers of Jesus Christ.

In this scripture study, Never on Sunday, we will be given background material each week, read the appropriate scripture passages, prayerfully reflect upon them and respond to the reflection questions. When we come together as a group, we will share our responses, questions, and insights with one another and then use the tools of biblical scholarship to help us learn more about these particular stories and about the Bible as a whole.

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