Sisters in Scripture

Grandparents of Jesus - A Mini-Scripture Study

Grandparents of Jesus

Dear Scripture Scholar,

Welcome to this mini-series bible study and congratulations on choosing to learn more about the gift of God’s living Word, the Bible. These four sessions are intended to "get your feet wet” and introduce you to the enriching experience of interacting with scripture. For some of you, this will be new and challenging; for others, it will be familiar territory. Whichever of these describes you—or if you are somewhere between, the goal is for you to grow spiritually and to experience that growth with others.

Our format of a mini-series means, of course, that we are getting only a scripture sampler. It is simply a way to create an entry into the Bible itself and into the world of scripture study. We have chosen these four couples and their stories not because they are giants of faith but more for their obscurity. They are flawed but fascinating. They are not overtly religious and yet their lives and choices are still used by God to bring about a hopeful future. They are, in many ways, like ourselves.

Again, thank you for joining the mini-study. Enjoy!

Sincerely in Christ,
Kathleen MacInnis Kichline, M.Div
Author of Sisters in Scripture

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