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Elders of the Bible

Elders of the Bible

Dear Scripture Scholar,

Welcome to this exciting venture of an ecumenical bible study. Surely our God is as pleased by our coming together as any of us would be to see our children cooperate in following our wishes. Here in this greater Lynnwood area there has been a long-standing history among our churches of shared respect, and mutual cooperation in the service of God’s needy. This is our first venture, however, into a common scripture study. Thank you for being a part of this promising journey

When my fist book came out, Sisters in Scripture, the members of the South Snohomish County Ministerial Association were among the first to share enthusiastically in the moment. I am grateful to every one of them for their support and encouragement. I am especially grateful to Rev. Chris Boyer, pastor of Good Shepherd American Baptist who first asked me to share my book with his flock. I am every bit as grateful to Rev. Barry Keating who extended the invitation from Maplewood Presbyterian and who has welcomed me there on many occasions. Thank you also to Sheri Teesdale and Tania Cooke for their organizational skills.

This study, Elders of the Bible, one of the sequels to Sisters in Scripture, was selected for our use because it appeals to both men and women and the seven session format works with the calendars of three very busy churches. I hope you give your best efforts to this study and pray that you will be blessed one hundred-fold Enjoy!

Sincerely in Christ,
Kathleen MacInnis Kichline, M.Div
Author of Sisters in Scripture

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