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Welcome to WITNESSES TO RESURRECTION, an online Easter Retreat

Individuals, Small Groups and Churches are invited to participate in WITNESSES TO RESURRECTION.  This Retreat provides thought provoking and insightful information that keeps Easter alive for the weeks after. 

This interactive, online retreat offers thoughtful reading, beautiful artwork, music and a personal comment by the author, Kathleen MacInnis Kichline. 

A link to the retreat will be delivered to your email's inbox weekly for you to read at your leisure. A quiet and meaningful way to connect with the Easter experience and what it truly means to us, even in today's world. 


Working in parishes for many years, I have observed the spiritual fatigue that often accompanies the end of Lent. Though intended as preparation for Easter, Lent can eclipse Easter in terms of spiritual commitment and enthusiasm. Concerned that we had lost our focus, I originally offered WITNESSES TO RESURRECTION as a live Easter Retreat. The joyous Alleluia of participants inspired me to incorporate all the modalities of the retreat experience into creating an online version, now in its fourth year.

 To find out more about my background for this ministry, please visit my bio pageIn a nutshell, I have an M.Div., have served in pastoral ministry for over 30 years, am the author of several scripture studies and currently teach Spiritual Retreats at Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry where I serve as adjunct faculty. 


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I found Witness to Resurrection to be a beautifully written and insightful journey into the Easter season. Kathleen MacInnis Kichline has brought together many well rounded and interactive questions about the texts as well as a variety of art, including pictures, music and even interpretive dance. I particularly appreciated her insight into the characters involved, as well as many of the nuances of the text that she brought forward that are often missed by others. I came away with the feeling of the scriptures being opened in a fresh and perhaps more personal way.  In those private moments or with a group of fellow seekers, an online retreat can adjust with you and expand to fill your needs. 

by Rev. Karen Fowler-Lindenmuler, Pastor United Lutheran                           Church, Bella Vista, AR

 What a wonderful retreat!  We have gained a much deeper insight to the true meaning and implications of the Resurrection and Easter.  We had always thought of the Resurrection as a historic event but your beautiful words brought us to realize that it is still an active source of faith and love in the world today.  The artwork in all if the series were so moving and beautiful—especially the work by Caravaggio of Thomas and Jesus.  That is such a shocker!  Thank you for the series.

by Karen B.

This was the first time I feel I have really "done" Easter and was present to its mystery and gifts the entire season. 

by B.W., Seattle

A wonderful experience. I especially enjoyed your conversation at the end of each session. 

by Diane J.

I appreciate the depth you give to us in this series. 

by Karen B.

At times just quietly and beautifully thought provoking.

by T.P., Australia.

The artwork and music connection was something new for me so perhaps why I enjoyed it the most.

by J.M., Kentucky


Our parishioners loved the mixture of media, art and perspective.  It was especially effective when used in groups as the questions led to lively discussion.  Overall, it was very positively received. 

by Helen Oesterle, Pastoral Associate, Our Lady of Guadalupe                      Parish, Seattle, WA 

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