Sisters in Scripture

Never on Sunday Women's Retreat

For the past 40 years, the faithful at Mass have enjoyed hearing the Word of God on Sundays from the new lectionary. This three year cycle lectionary was first introduced on Palm Sunday, 1970, a result of the changed mandated by the Second Vatican Council. Through these changes, many more books and passages of the Bible have been made available to Catholics.

One of the difficulties that arises from the choices made in selecting the passages to be included in the Sunday Lectionary is that some significant biblical passages about women were omitted, relegated to weekday readings, or designated as optional. This retreat weekend we are invited to look at these stories left on the cutting room floor. Collectively, they represent a significant portion of biblical women. Their life stories, circumstances, and witness of faith will never be read aloud on a Sunday or developed in the homily. By retrieving these pieces, we reclaim an important portion of our heritage as daughters of the living God and followers of Jesus Christ.
Contact Kathleen for more information or to schedule a retreat.

Thank you for the beautiful, rich and meaningful retreat. As always, I come back to my daily life walking just an inch or two off the ground while I get to work on "unpacking" your thought provoking questions.

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