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Abundant Time Retreat by Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

God's Gift of Abundant Time

Discover God’s generous gift of time—enough time to do everything that God asks us to do. A prayerful time of considering our relationship with God as well as a practical time full of how-to’s and a fun time with sharing, laughter and food. This is a day retreat but can be expanded to an evening and next day or a series of evenings.

Contact Kathleen for more information or to schedule this retreat.


This weekend was uplifting and soul refreshing. I enjoyed every minute of it. I wish we could have stayed another day. Thank you for sharing your gentleness and spirituality. I'm glad I answered the call to drop all my earthly worries and concerns to keep up with my busy schedule and came instead to seek the peace and serenity which I experienced during the retreat. I felt a great relief when I laid down all my burdens at the foot of the cross.




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