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ONCE UPON A TIME IN A TOWN CALLED NAZARETH takes us back to a time before we knew of God’s great plan to send a Savior, a real time in history before the event that changed history, changed our world, forever.  

The first session -  sets the stage in Nazareth, a small first-century town in Palestine, and a young Jewish girl on a Sabbath’s eve.  We, too, enter a time of not-knowing, but expectant, waiting within our own lives.  

The second session -  all heaven breaks loose!  God chooses to send a messenger to this young girl asking her to be a part of the Divine plan.  Her remarkable response and our invitation to do the same, is explored through story-dance, art, poetry, and prayerful reflection.  This timeless moment becomes incarnate again, here and now in our lives and world.  An invaluable tool to prepare for Christmas, ONCE UPON A TIME IN A TOWN CALLED NAZARETH helps participants experience the coming of Christ in a richer, fuller way than ever before.


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See below for pictures of previous retreats at Edmonds Lutheran and for comments from those who attended.  Click on an Image and scroll through scenes from the retreat and artwork that was shared.  
 Presented by Kathleen MacInnis Kichline, M.Div. and Betsey Beckman, M.A. of "The Dancing Word".

Comments from Participants:

"Kathleen and Betsey’s Advent Retreat Once Upon a Time in a Town Called Nazareth is fabulous! The story and the inspiration of young Mary becoming the mother of our Lord - with all the incumbent questions, joys and fears - comes to life with the images, colors, words, songs and dances from long ago Nazareth…. right up to today. Participants are involved and included in the retreat experience. It is hands on and fulfilling. Everyone goes away with a full heart, ready to engage the season of Advent and the coming once again of Christ into our days."

by Julie Joslund, Pastor of Edmonds Lutheran Church

"I thought the retreat was a great success.   I liked especially how you worked from the scriptural aspects to the spiritual and human aspects.  It gave us pause to think about this greatest miracle of our faith.I liked the discussion periods where so many different slants were given, proving that many of the attendees really take an interest in the different facets of the story. Bless you for all you do to promote the Catholic faith and how we interpret scripture."

by Dennis

"Several years ago I took several "Sisters in Scripture" classes taught by Kathleen. I cannot describe how knowledgeable, kind, and inspiring she was! I was older with children taking their own course work, and yet I looked forward to going to the den to read, discern and respond to her thoughtful questions. I was so inspired! And then I would come home in the evening after the class and discuss the material for hours with my husband.  So when a friend texted me a week ago about Kathleen returning to Seattle area for a weekend Advent retreat, I dropped my other plans. Those eight hours learning and discussing Mary's "yes" to God at the Annunciation reopened the excitement and yearning to know more that I haven't felt in years!!!  I pray daily that I will continue to say "yes" to God as I cherish every day.

by Vee

"Such a Spirit-filled Retreat, an eye opener, spiritually uplifting, empowering, as we wait for Christmas🎄  I wish for my friends in Christ to experience this.  It was a treat for me to have quiet moment of reflection in the midst of my busy life." 

by Margie

"Thanks for a refreshing weekend .  I feel rejuvenated. -Beautifully planned. - Having  two distinctive presenters adds a great deal,  mixes it up, draws on different parts of our beings. - The most meaningful parts were experiential when we moved with the small candles as a group on the first night and when the dance group moved  .  The first made me feel as though we were a "body” coming together to go into a growing toward God. The theme of working with questions and continuing to do this is timely and deepening. Thanks so much for making this important event happen, Betsy and Kathleen. " 

by Anne

About Kathleen MacInnis Kichline, M.Div. and Betsey Beckman, M.A. of "The Dancing Word".

Betsey Beckman, M.Min

 Betsey Beckman

"As dancer, author, pilgrim guide,teacher and spiritual director, I am passionate about living life fully and fostering creativity for all. I direct the dance ministry at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Seattle, and perform at conferences nationwide, delighting in bringing liturgy to life through the gift of movement. Under the umbrella of The Dancing Word, I have created a full repertory of Biblical Story Dances and published a series of DVD’s, featuring the stories of Biblical women, whom I love to share with the church and the world!”  
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Kathleen Kichline, M. Div.

Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

"In my many years of ministry in the church, I have developed and led numerous scripture studies and retreats. My first study, SISTERS IN SCRIPTURE, has been published nationally by Paulist Press. Entering into the sacred text to find meaning, beauty and relevancy is a life-giving joy for me. As an author, mother, wife, grandmother and one of seven sisters, I draw upon all these life experiences as well as my ministerial formation in creating reflections and questions that open the biblical story and bring it alive."

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