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Zoom Presentations - Creating Online Retreats During Covid-19

The Coronavirus is creating a new form of gathering together and learning. Join Kathleen as she explores the Women of the Bible with ongoing Zoom Presentations. Sponsored by St. Placid Priory in Lacey, Washington these Zoom Presentations offer insight into the lives of the Women of the Bible. Sign up for the Newsletter to learn about upcoming Presentations. 

 Upcoming 2021 Retreats

Advent Retreat - Once Upon a Time in a Town Called Nazareth
 Betsey Beckman and I have offered this retreat many times.  We've led and danced in the Cascade Mountains, in Presbyterian churches, Lutheran churches and Catholic churches.  I once even got to lead it beneath towering cliffs at Mt. Zion National Park.  But we had never before led it on line.  And guess what?  It worked!!

 It worked in fact, marvelously well.  Comments from participants included: 

  •  A marvelous time for me as well…each section had its high points. Shabbat rituals were very special and I found myself doing the arm gestures over my advent candles. 
  • Thank you so much for leading this unique retreat!
  •  It was an amazing retreat both in what you and Betsey presented and in the sharing by the other participants.  I learned a lot from everyone there.
  • In some ways it seemed almost like all of us were on retreat not just listening to the masters but jointly on retreat with the masters.  Great job! 
  • We had folks from around Washington and US but a lot of commonality.  All had a "concern for the other vision” and a hopeful vision of the future.
  • I have been thinking about the difference for me with the in-house retreat and the zoom retreat.  When we are at an in-house retreat, there is conversation at meals, in the evenings, etc.  At my home, I am able to snuggle in with the experiences.  Living alone I do this in silence.
  • I am still thinking about the retreat and, really, where was Mary when the angel appeared?
  • Thank you again and again.  I am not anxious for Lent to be here, but I am looking forward to the Lenten retreat.
  • I really appreciated the movement and your pointing it to the yes of Mary. I have to say "Say Yes to ___________” was pretty thought provoking and spiritual for me.

With this retreat, you enter into this holy season with Mary, to a time just hours B.C., in a small Galilean town, to a time and place and a woman’s "yes” that changed the world.  Through music, art, story and meditation let us once again experience Advent and prepare our hearts for the coming JOY!
Presented by: Kathleen MacInnis Kichline, M.Div. and Betsey Beckman, M.A. of "The Dancing Word".   
For more information or to schedule a Retreat for your group or church, please contact Kathleen. 

Witnesses on the Way Image

  Witnesses on the Way

 An interactive Stations of the Cross.  Participants prepare for each station by exploring the background, scriptures and creative possibilities, then together pray the Stations in a life-changing way. 

Prepare for the upcoming Holy Week through the eyes of those who were there-- the Witnesses on the Way. Through scripture, reflection, music, and prayer we will creatively recreate the Stations of the Cross and the stories leading up to them.

What to expect…
The morning begins by setting the scene, the great city of Jerusalem in the spring of the year at Passover, in times both troubled and hopeful.  Who was there?  We gather the witnesses, those whose lives will be changed forever by the events of that day.  We draw names for the Witness that will be ours and join a zoom breakout with others having the same person.  Using scripture, historical background, reflection questions, and our creative imagination we create the back story for our specific Witness.  After our breakout, we come together to meet the other Witnesses.

Prayer, song and movement are woven throughout all of these gatherings, large and small.  

After lunch break, we are guided in planning the liturgy for an interactive Stations of the Cross.  Our retreat ends with the Stations in character, a powerful and moving experience.  
Once again, Kathleen will be joined by Betsey Beckman as co-presenter! 

From a participant: You were wonderful.  The Holy Spirit filled the room.  You were a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and love!  Thank you.

 Encounters with the Risen Lord
Let us go back to those first days after He rose. What was it like to encounter the Risen Lord? Using the various post-resurrection appearances, we will break open these scripture stories with creative imagination, song, prayer, and faith-sharing--closing with a unique Stations of the Resurrection. 
Begin every day focused on a different Resurrection appearance via Zoom. Kathleen will use the scripture story along with artwork, song, and reflection to help you extend the joy of Easter.  


 Sisters in Scripture Retreats for Lent - why
Lenten Cross | Sisters in Scripture - why Celebrate Lent?
This Lent, more than any other, people need to hear the simple truth, "For God so loved the world…”  In the midst of disillusionment, dissension, and heartbreak, the self-emptying of Christ upon the cross is the most relevant event in our world, in our lives.  

"The cross opens up a great fissure in God’s own being, the Father abandoning, the Son being abandoned.  In so doing, the cross not only plunges God deep into the suffering of the world.  It also opens a reverse pathway on which suffering travels back into God, there to be redeemed.”  (Quest for the Living God, Elizabeth A. Johnson, 2007, p. 61)  

Lenten Retreats - Some Samples

At the Foot of the Cross | Sisters In Scripture RetreatAt the Foot of the Cross

Enter into the heart of Lent by choosing to be with those who were there.  Through their eyes and experience, we bring our own lives and walk with Jesus to Calvary and stand at the foot of the cross.  
From Roselyn Olson, retired Assoc. Pastor, Deacon
Thank you for your leadership in the Women's Retreat at St. Luke's on March 30th.  Because of you, many women were helped and guided in their Lenten journey.  Your enthusiasm permeated the entire sanctuary and the rest of the church and to those attending.  We were blessed to have you here.

The First Supper Retreat, Mar 24, 2018  The First Supper

Explore the timeless invitation to dine with Christ by looking at the scriptural, historical and theological significance of this eternal Eucharist / Passover event—celebrated then, celebrated now.   

Witnesses to Resurrection

Beginning the Monday after Easter, this online weekly retreat is delivered to your email box so you can experience throughout the seven-weeks from Easter to Pentecost.
Each Monday morning, you receive a reflection on a different Resurrection appearance of Jesus.  Reflections that are:
•    multi-sensory
•    interactive
•    easy to use
•    ideal for individual or group use

Offered to individuals or to small groups and churches for their distribution to parishioners.  

For more information on any retreat or to schedule a retreat for your church or group, please contact us.



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