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Shouldn't Easter Last Longer Than the Bunny?

Have you noticed your parishioners are exhausted with the preparations of Lent leading up to Easter?  Are you looking for a tool that can help them find the true joy of Easter? Now you can, with the online retreat, Witnesses to Resurrection.

 What is Witnesses to Resurrection?

It is the Stations of the Resurrection.  As the Stations of the Cross help us connect with the Passion, the Stations of the Resurrection help us connect with Easter and the Risen Lord.  Each week a different post-Resurrection appearance is featured and explored. 

What is an online retreat?

Like any retreat, an online retreat is an opportunity to set time aside to be with Jesus, to reflect on God’s Word, to consider God’s invitation in one’s own life and to be changed by that encounter.  The only difference is it happens in your own home.

Why online?

By offering a retreat online, the experience becomes available to everyone—those whose lives are too hectic to otherwise take the time and those whose lives are restricted and they cannot get away.  Because it is experienced parish-wide, it involves the whole community.

How does it work?

Every Monday morning for each of the seven weeks following Easter, parishioners receive an email from their parish that takes them to a new retreat experience.  All seven post-Resurrection appearances are featured chronologically and are not limited to the Lectionary Cycle.

What exactly do parishioners receive?

Click here for a sample of Witnesses to Resurrection Week 5, Doubting Thomas.
Every week includes both art with commentary that enlivens the scene and YouTube music that enriches the experience.  Participants enter into the scripture through sequential steps:
-    Scripture passage of post-Resurrection appearance 
-    Entering the Scene
-    Getting Into Character
-    Going Deeper
-    Bringing it Home
-    Giving Voice
-    A Personal Note from Kathleen

Has this retreat been offered before?

 Yes, this is the fourth year that it has been offered as online retreat.  It has been used by parishes, groups, and individuals in the US and abroad in a variety of denominations.

Some responses from past participants:

 I received nothing but wonderful feedback from parishioners.  Thank you so much for offering such a rich resource.  - M.M. Seattle
This was the first time I feel I have really "done” Easter and was present to its mystery and gifts the entire season. – B. W., Washington
The artwork and music connection was something new for me so perhaps why I enjoyed it the most. – J. M., Kentucky
 At times just quietly and beautifully thought provoking. – T. P., Australia
I eagerly awaited the Stations each Sunday and almost each one I read that very day.  – L. E., New York
The way it encouraged me to stay with the Easter experience and delve deeper into the stories helped me retain the joy of Easter. – E. G, Washington.
 It would be amazing if my entire church experienced this! – C. K, Washington

What does the parish need to do for parishioners to receive the retreat?

The Witnesses to Resurrection retreat for the upcoming week will be sent to the parish on the Tuesday of the week before, e.g. for Easter Monday, April 22nd, the retreat will arrive at the parish address on Tuesday, April 16th  to be uploaded and scheduled for delivery to parishioners on the 2nd. If your parish currently sends out newsletters, etc., the same delivery system can be used. If you do not have that capacity, you can create a temporary account with a service like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp for as little as $20 a month.

How can the optimum number of parishioners become involved?

Throughout the weeks of Lent, you will receive electronic promotions for the upcoming Easter retreat.  You can print these in your bulletin, post on your web page or send out to parishioners, in addition to making announcements in church.   During the seven weeks of WITNESSES TO RESURRECTION, you will also receive electronic prompts to engage parishioners.

MYSTAGOGIA; The ideal group within your parish to receive this retreat

WITNESSES TO RESURRECTION allows the newly initiated to linger in the presence of the Risen Lord after so faithfully following in His footsteps throughout the year.  And it does not require additional work on the part of the RCIA team or staff.


Working in parishes for many years, I have observed the spiritual fatigue that often accompanies the end of Lent. Though intended as preparation for Easter, Lent can eclipse Easter in terms of spiritual commitment and enthusiasm. Concerned that we had lost our focus, I originally offered WITNESSES TO RESURRECTION as a live Easter Retreat. The joyous Alleluia of participants inspired me to incorporate all the modalities of the retreat experience into creating an online version, now in its fourth year. To find out more about my background for this ministry, please visit my bio page. In a nutshell, I have an M.Div., have served in pastoral ministry for over 30 years, am the author of several scripture studies and currently teach Spiritual Retreats at Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry where I serve as adjunct faculty.  

There's Still Time to Register!

Number of Participants:
Up to 50 Participants -  $50
51 to 100 Participants -  $75
101 - 250 Participants -  $125
251 - 500 Participants -  $200
501 and More -  $250
Individual Registration

$5.00 each
Church & Group Registration
"Tell-us-your-size-Pricing." Not all parishes - few, in fact, are close to 100% internet use. Rather than pricing based on parish size, you tell us your most accurate estimate of actual users. NO, this is not standard operating procedure for business, but we are not a business; we are a church. Please tell us the size that fits for you, and we will price accordingly.
How do I get more information?
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