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Scripture Studies that host the holy conversation—God’s story, our story, and how each is part of the other. The bible studies offered by SISTERS IN SCRIPTURE are designed to help access the Word of God in ways that are thought-provoking, prayerful and creative. Each book fully engages the heart, mind and imagination and creates a sacred space where participants can join in the ongoing process of God's revelation.

Scripture Studies for WomenSisters In Scripture

The studies for women that are featured in Sisters in Scripture focus on the stories of women in the Bible, in both the New and Old Testaments. In exploring their stories of faith, we discover more about ourselves and find that we are not so far removed from these women of long ago. As we pray and share with one another, we realize that we are connected to one another as well. Our stories, though different, have the common dimension of God’s working in our lives.

SISTERS IN SCRIPTURE offers two (soon to be three) different studies specifically for women:
  • Sisters in Scripture: Exploring the Relationships of Biblical Women - the recommended text for beginning Bible studies.  In this study we look at pairings of women from both the Old and New Testament as we consider the dynamic of relationships.  Students begin to develop the skills of biblical scholarship and grow in confidence in their use.  The rabbinical tool of midrash is also introduced as a way for students to enter imaginatively into these biblical stories.
  • Never On Sunday A Look at the Women NOT in the Lectionary - the sequel to Sisters in Scripture, builds upon the foundation laid and also looks at women from both the Old and New Testaments.  The women chosen for this study are those women whose stories are not included in the Sunday Lectionary, thus the ones about whom you will never hear on a Sunday.  By retrieving their stories, we create a collage of remarkable women whose lives are still relevant today.
  • Sisters in Tradition Our Foremothers of Faith is currently being taught and developed and we hope to make it available soon

Co-ed Studies and Mini Studies

SISTERS IN SCRIPTURE very quickly developed a corollary series studies specifically for women and men, including one for men and women over 50. The format remained the same but the lens through which we looked at the scriptures was one that suited both men and women with the wisdom of life experience. Though younger folks have consistently participated and gained from these studies, there is a largesse, openness, humor and acumen that come with the years. In creating a place where these gifts can be shared and appreciated openly, our faith grows and community is experienced.

Grandparents of Jesus - a great place to start! This is a mini-study, only five sessions long, including the introductory gathering. It takes the genealogy of Jesus in the first chapter of Matthew and focuses on the four women mentioned there along with their partners: Tamar and Judah, Rahab and Salmon, Ruth and Boaz and Bathsheba and David. These are the entry points for opening up Scripture using the tools established in Sisters in Scripture —a great jumping off place for the young at heart. AND Grandparents of Jesus is the first SISTERS IN SCRIPTURE series to offer a supplementary video component for the teaching portion of each session!

Elders of the Bible: God’s Invitation Late in Life - specially for seniors! The Elders uses the stories of seven biblical characters whose lives were turned upside down by God in their later years. Their experiences cause us to consider, "Is God not yet done with me?” "What may still lie in store in God’s plan for me?” An additional dimension to this study is its intentional ecumenical language. It was tried and tested in that environment and invites participants to gather across Christian traditions to gain and learn from one another.


Comments from Participants

† These questions helped me to think "outside the box" or from my normal thinking pattern.  They were insightful and very thought-provoking.
† I became more aware of what the authors (John, Mark, etc.) had to go through to present text that would convert, influence, and inspire others.
 † The Closer Look was my favorite part.  The tables included througout the book to condense and analyze (pp. 88, 92, 96) were excellent!
† My take-away is to never underestimate the role of women in Jesus' time.  These women were so mentally and physically strong.  
† I learned new things on just about every chapter but most especially the last chapter on the Woman at the Well.
† Taking a deeper look at characters I normally "scanned" gives me new perspectives--God really is in control!
† Manageable amounts of information to cover made it easy to thoroughly discuss the subject.
† Not only did the study of the women of the Bible enrich my faith life but so did the topics and conversations that ensued during our group meetings.
† The Bible can often seem like an overwhelming web of names, events, and places but the this study helped me sort it all out.
† Lighting my candle, sitting at the dining room table when everyone was in bed, gave me the chance to think more thoroughly about the various readings and a chance to be with myself and my Bible.
† My takeaway was the beauty of sharing my Faith with other women I have come to regard as friends.  We can be social and yet do some serious work!
† Readings that had been marginal to me I now see with new appreciation.
† Loved the accompanying video--really helped.

† I loved this!  Clarified a lot of questions I had about the footnotes in my Bible.

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