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Meet Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

 Professional Credentials:
• Masters of Divinity, Seattle University
• Currently serving as adjunct faculty at Seattle University
• 25+ years experience serving the church as Pastoral Associate
• Published author of scripture studies and other materials
• Popular presenter for retreats and workshops

Kathleen MacInnis Kichline | Author of Sisters in ScriptureA Note from Kathleen:

Currently, I am accompanying and supporting my husband on his own journey of faith as he's returned to the Lutheran church of his childhood.  He is a happy sojourner at United Lutheran Bella Vista, ELCA.  We have both felt most welcomed and while, like the tiger and her stripes, I remain Catholic, I am thoroughly enjoying hanging out with these Lutherans--and still enjoy returning to my home parish of St. Pat's whenever I can.
 MacInnis Family Photo
Kathleen MacInnis Kichline and Family

L to R, back row first Beth, Don Laurie, Rita,
Kathleen Jean, Ellen Terry


It all started long ago when my sister, Terry, was born. At the tender age of 19 months, I was automatically promoted to the rank of Big Sister. I ended up being the oldest of seven sisters—and one brother, and that has been the basic position I tend to occupy in life. It has been my natural inclination and lifelong interest to reflect upon the relationships among women and to do so within the positive frame of sisterhood.
While Terry and I were still in the primary grades of St. Mary Star of the Sea School, I developed the habit of "God talk.” Terry and I shared the same room and she would often ask, "Kathleen, talk me to sleep.”
Most often my response took the form of religious wonderings…did Jesus get colds when he was a boy…who did he play with since he didn’t have a sister…did Mary teach him to pray…when did he know that he was God? I didn’t realize it at the time but it was the beginning of the lifelong habit of theological reflection.
These two propensities of mine, thinking like a big sister and musing about God, fused together into a world view. This became the place out of which I relate to people and minister. When, as an adult, I entered into formal ministry, one of my great joys was working with women in our local parish. And when I took on creating a bible study for them, I discovered a rich reservoir of stories and questions that fed my adult "God talk.”

In the pages of the Bible were women of strength and character, women whose lives, seemingly so ancient and long ago, still had the capacity to connect with our own.
Before long, they, too, entered into the circle of sisterly relationships. One of the delightful things about establishing relationships with these women was discovering that their lives were not unlike our own. They had the same trials, the same questions. They have wisdom to offer to us today, they are relevant, and their faith stories can enrich our own.

Delving into the lives of these biblical women led first to the various scripture studies I created and then to developing various retreat experiences. The retreat experiences have most recently led to my being asked to train others to do the same. The School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University has hired me to teach a year-long course on Spiritual Retreats and it is a delight to return to my alma mater as adjunct faculty. Seattle University grounded me in the scriptures, theology, and pastoral care and formed me in the Jesuit tradition. I am happy to collaborate with them in training new pastoral ministers.

 Assisi Follow-up: More Good News

MAGDALA is the online journal born of the Assisi Colloquy that could not convene due to Covid-19. The website for that is now up and running and can be accessed here:  MAGDALA. There is much more still to be added--including the first journal edition in November. That edition on the Holy Spirit will include my article on Teresa of Avila and Her Poetry. I'll let you know once that appears. Meanwhile, MAGDALA has provided a link to my website--nice. The journal comes out of Italy and will be offered in three languages: English, Italian and French. Guess we've now gone international! 

What People Are Saying About Kathleen . . . 

 † Thank you so much for your amazing message on Sunday.  I can think of no way that the gifts of women could have been celebrated better.  I expected excellence and you more than delivered.  We are to blessed that you shared your awesome talent with us. 
Thank you for your incredible "God Talk" this past weekend. I can't tell you how much I am inspired by the words you so carefully craft to enlighten those who are on the journey. A journey for some who have just begun and for others who are at a different point in the journey. What incredible sensitivity you have in knowing how to reach each of us with your words.

 † Kathleen was a wonderful speaker, guide through this retreat.

 † Thank you for the beautiful retreat you led today.  All six of us from St. Luke Lutheran in Bellevue thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and felt spiritually nourished by your wisdom, discernment, knowledge and ability to lead. We appreciate the hospitality offered us.  Thank you for inviting us; we hope to receive more invitations to programs you lead in the future. - Roselyn

 † Thank you for an amazing God-filled retreat!  That was an awesome Saturday.  Please keep me in mind should you have another retreat in the future. - Bernie

 †  I needed Saturday!  You are an excellent facilitator.  I hope I will have the opportunity to attend some of your other programs.- Mary

 † Thank you for a wonderful way to celebrate the Easter Octave and for sharing of your time, effort, and self at the retreat yesterday. - Betty

 † I really enjoyed the retreat.  You were so well prepared and it was so good to have time to discuss questions at the table. - Judy

 † Thank you for your joyful spirit!  I realize how much I did not know. - Penny

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