Sisters in Scripture

What is Sisters In Scripture?

Sisters in Scripture is all about making the scriptures alive and relevant today.  With every offering—bible studies, retreats or presentations, we enter into the scriptural story through the lens of various biblical characters—men and women, those who were there, who experienced what happened and were changed by it. 
Using both scholarship and creative imagination, we prayerfully engage the text to discover meaning for today and for our lives.  Our purpose is always to encounter our God in the Word and discover what meaning and direction that encounter holds for us. 
Often it is through the bystander, the one overlooked, that we can most readily enter a scriptural scene.  Thus, our early emphasis was on the women of scripture who frequently go unnoticed.  The cast of characters has expanded beyond that, however, and become "equal opportunity.”  Every bible story holds potential for this creative process.
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Witnesses to Resurrection
Online Retreat Spring, 2018

What is Witnesses to Resurrection?
It is the Stations of the Resurrection.  As the Stations of the Cross help us connect with the Passion, the Stations of the Resurrection help us connect with Easter and the Risen Lord.  Each week a different post-Resurrection appearance is featured and explored.  

 "It encouraged me to stay with the Easter experience and delve deeper into the stories helped me retain the joy of Easter”. – E. G, WA.

What is an online retreat?
Like any retreat, an online retreat is an opportunity to set time aside to be with Jesus, to reflect on God’s Word, to consider God’s invitation in one’s own life and to be changed by that encounter.  The only difference is it happens in your own home.

"This was the first time I feel I have really "done” Easter and was present to its mystery and gifts the entire season.” – B. W., Seattle
How does it work?At the Tomb of Jesus
Every Monday morning starting with Easter Monday and for each of the seven weeks following Easter, you receive an email that takes you to a new retreat experience.  All seven post-Resurrection appearances are featured chronologically and are not limited to the Lectionary Cycle. 

•    Station One - The Women at the Tomb
•    Station Two - Mary Magdalene in the Garden
•    Station Three - Disciples on the Road to Emmaus
•    Station Four - Disciples in the Upper Room
•    Station Five - Doubting Thomas
•    Station Six - By the Shores of the Sea of Galilee
•    Station Seven - The Ascension

"I eagerly awaited the Stations each Sunday and almost each one I read that very day.”  – L. E., New York

What exactly do you receive?
Click here for a sample of Witnesses to Resurrection, Week 5, Doubting Thomas

Every week includes both art with commentary that enlivens the scene and YouTube music that enriches the experience.  Enter into the scripture through sequential steps:
-    Scripture passage of post-Resurrection appearance
-    Entering the Scene
-    Getting Into Character
-    Going Deeper
-    Bringing it Home
-    Giving Voice
-    A Personal Note from Kathleen

"The artwork and music connection was something new for me so perhaps why I enjoyed it the most.” – J. M., Kentucky

Has this retreat been offered before?

In last year’s pilot program, over 130 individuals in the U.S. and Australia experienced Witnesses to Resurrection.  This year it is once again being offered to individuals to sign up but also to small groups and parishes. 

"At times, it was just quietly and beautifully thought provoking.” – T. P., Australia

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