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You Change My World Just By Being In It!
9/22/2020  Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

Dad cranked up the radio dial to the max as the Mitch Miller gang belted out,

"She’s the sweetest little rose bud that Texas ever knew
Her eyes are bright as diamonds; they sparkle like the dew…”

"Everybody, sing to Beth!” he called out. The car fairly rocked down the rode as we all joined in on "The Yellow Rose of Texas.” Dad had chosen this as the theme song for our new baby, Beth. It may have been the song—he loved a great sing-along. It may have been his love of all things Western—though we lived in Connecticut. It may have been that the lyrics suited this little charmer with her rosy cheeks and bright eyes. But his enthusiasm went beyond the music and beyond far-off Texas; his enthusiasm was for this newest little girl in his life. It was an enthusiasm undiminished by her being child number six and daughter number five. (There were two more yet to come). I was just old enough to remember how he laughed and rocked her and simply delighted in her being. 

When my own daughter was expecting her second child, she took two-year-old Julia with her to her doctor appointment. Julia’s little feet dangled over the edge of the chair as the doctor explained, "I’m going to turn the sound up, Julia, and if you listen carefully, you can hear your brother's heartbeat.” Julia’s eyes grew wide with intent and then a smile spread across her face. She slid off the chair and twirled, "I will dance to it! I will dance for my brother!”  

There was a sign over the parish secretary’s desk that greeted each person as they came into the church office: How will I know when it is the dawn of a new day? When there is enough light in the world to look into the face of a stranger and recognize my brother. 

May we always sing and celebrate our sister. 
May we learn to dance to the heartbeat of our brother.
May we come to see with eyes that recognize 
that are all our sister and brother. 


What is Sisters in Scripture? 
Sisters in Scripture began as a bible study for women and while it still is that today, the ministry has grown into much more.  Bible Studies were followed by workshops and presentations which evolved into a full line of retreat offerings—some as short as a partial day, others over several days, on a rich variety of topics. 
Recently, online retreats have been added to in-person retreats
Spiritual Direction with Kathleen is also available via phone/Skype or in person at either of two locations: Lynnwood, WA (occasionally) and Bella Vista, AR (regularly).

Bible Studies

Sisters in Scripture offers a variety of studies available for purchase from this site.  Each study seeks to prayerfully engage the scriptures to arrive at meaning for today and in our everyday lives.  To do so, we enter the story through the lens of various biblical characters using both biblical scholarship and our own creative imagination. 
Each chapter includes Background, Prayer, Reflection Questions, and a Closer Look at the Text.  To see the full line of studies, go to  the Bible Studies page or the Purchase Books page on this site.

 Spiritual Direction

A more apt name might be "spiritual companioning.”  I often think of the disciples on the Road to Emmaus when doing Spiritual Direction.  On life's road, Christ draws alongside, unseen but ever present, though we are often only partially aware.  Spiritual Direction is intentional attentiveness to that Presence in the company of an other who walks that same journey.  To read more about this gentle disciple, go to the Spiritual Direction page on this website.


While I miss the live presentations, classes at Seattle U. and live retreats that I have not been able to do since Covid-19, I am grateful beyond saying for being asked to lead Zoom sessions online. Thank you St. Placid Priory! Each one has been surprisingly unique and all have been rewarding, meaningful, and frankly, a lot of fun! I am particularly pleased that the online format allows people to gather from everywhere and create something special together. 

Here's a sampling of comments about various Zooms of late:

Thank you so much for the Saturday session. It was informative and also fun! I liked the way you involved all of us. I am always impressed by your knowledge and the obvious love you have for teaching. - LF, Arkansas

I really appreciate your gentle welcoming presence. I benefit not just from the content of your sessions, but from the gems you drop along the way. - MW, Washington

I think the audience participation was the best I have seen. I also think that your detailed knowledge of the multiple subjects was truly impressive. – KB, Connecticut
I feel it is such a privilege to read the materials and then hear your lectures and to be with such equally interested and interesting women. What a great experience it has been for me. Thanks for being the wonderful scholar and teacher you are. – PH, Minnesota

This is one of the best things that I have done for myself in months. I thoroughly enjoyed the time. It was well spent. I was very satisfied with the content and would be very interested in more courses like this. - KW, Washington

I'd love to have you join us. We just finished the first of our four part series, GRANDPARENTS OF JESUS. Come next time and you'll quickly be up to speed. If nothing else, you will get to see how something like a dry-as-dust genealogy can be scintillating, thought- provoking and meaningful It's based on the four women in Matthew's genealogy of Jesus and has a decidedly adults only flavor.

Here's a quick overview: 

Tamar: "Always save your receipts for 'services' rendered"
Sat, Sep 12 or Mon, Sep 14
9:30-11:30 AM PDT

Rahab: "The original hooker with a heart of gold"
Sat, Oct 3 or Mon, Oct 5
9:30-11:30 AM PDT
Ruth: "What happens on the threshing floor..."
Sat Oct 24 or Mon, Oct 26
9:30-11:30 AM PDT
Bathsheba: "Sleeping with the enemy"
Sat Nov 14 or Mon, Nov 16
9:30 - 11:30 AM PDT
To register, and more info, contact  St. Placid Priory
Or feel free to contact Kathleen.

Retreats and Presentation

As with the interactive focus in my studies, the retreats are also designed to help participants enter into and experience the theme through a variety of modalities: prayer, silence, presentation, discussion, music, art, poetry, etc. 
In addition to leading retreats, for the past four years, I have been co-teaching a course on Spiritual Retreats in the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University, a sacred task that allows retreat ministry to expand through the future ministries of those I teach.
To View Photos of the latest Retreat, Once Upon a Time in a Town Called Nazareth click on the link.  
A comment from Julie Joslund, Pastor of Edmonds Lutheran Church:
Kathleen and Betsey’s Advent Retreat Once Upon a Time in a Town Called Nazareth is fabulous! The story and the inspiration of young Mary becoming the mother of our Lord - with all the incumbent questions, joys and fears - comes to life with the images, colors, words, songs and dances from long ago Nazareth…. right up to today. Participants are involved and included in the retreat experience. It is hands on and fulfilling. Everyone goes away with a full heart, ready to engage the season of Advent and the coming once again of Christ into our days. 

Available Retreats

A partial list of retreat offerings would include:
  • Once Upon a Time in a Town Called Nazareth,
  • The Women Who Follow Jesus
  • The First Supper
  • Witnesses on the Way: an Interactive Stations of the Cross
  • Encounters with the Risen Lord
  • God’s Gift of Abundant Time
  • Grandmother God: Loving as God Loves
  • An Evening with Esther, and
  • Wisdom from Tobit


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