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Easter is Just Beginning. . .
4/22/2019  Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

When I was in ninth grade, I discovered that the "the little Polish church” by the bridge had a full-on, pull-out-all-the-stops, Easter-all-over-again celebration on Easter Monday.
At least that’s how I remember it.  I went to their early morning Mass still in Latin and barely noticed the Polish I did not know.  I just wanted to be able to proclaim all over again, He is alive!  I wanted to run around telling anyone and anything that would listen.  I soon discovered that when you tell butterflies, they reply, "We know, can you not hear it in our flutter?”  The birds were singing the same news as it turned out, the buzzing bees, the stirring breeze.  Shoots popped up from the ground so they could stand up and shout.  Small, tender leaves uncurled because they were bursting with joy.  
It happened that way.  I know because I was there and that’s what I’ll remember the rest of my days.  

I also remember a much younger self being taken to church on Easter by my Daddy.  When at last they sang the great, "Jesus Christ is Risen Today,” I stood on the shiny wood pew and turned so I could see the upturned, joyous faces of grown-ups all around.  Only that’s not what I saw.  I saw solemn, blasé looks mouthing the music.  Right there in my patent leather mary-janes and white anklets with the lace tops turned down, I wanted to shout it out, "Hey!  He’s alive!  Don’t you know?”  

I live, we live, somewhere between the butterflies that know and the grown-ups who do not.  

This Easter Monday morning, I am once again in that in-between space.  Call it liminal which, of course, means, rife with possibility.  He is alive!  Millions of Christians with full heart and voice proclaimed that yesterday and I do believe that most of them meant it.  Is anything different or changed by that today?  Are we different or changed?  Could anyone know that by looking at us?  


What is Sisters in Scripture?

Sisters in Scripture began as a bible study for women and while it still is that today, the ministry has grown into much more.  Bible Studies were followed by workshops and presentations which evolved into a full line of retreat offerings—some as short as a partial day, others over several days, on a rich variety of topics. 
Recently, online retreats have been added to in-person retreats
Spiritual Direction with Kathleen is also available via phone/Skype or in person at either of two locations: Lynnwood, WA (occasionally) and Bella Vista, AR (regularly).

Bible Studies

Sisters in Scripture offers a variety of studies available for purchase from this site.  Each study seeks to prayerfully engage the scriptures to arrive at meaning for today and in our everyday lives.  To do so, we enter the story through the lens of various biblical characters using both biblical scholarship and our own creative imagination. 
Each chapter includes Background, Prayer, Reflection Questions, and a Closer Look at the Text.  To see the full line of studies, go to  the Bible Studies page or the Purchase Books page on this site.

Retreats and Presentation

As with the interactive focus in my studies, the retreats are also designed to help participants enter into and experience the theme through a variety of modalities: prayer, silence, presentation, discussion, music, art, poetry, etc.  In addition to leading retreats, for the past four years, I have been co-teaching a course on Spiritual Retreats in the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University, a sacred task that allows retreat ministry to expand through the future ministries of those I teach.
To View Photos of the latest Retreat, Once Upon a Time in a Town Called Nazareth click on the link.  
A comment from Julie Joslund, Pastor of Edmonds Lutheran Church:
Kathleen and Betsey’s Advent Retreat Once Upon a Time in a Town Called Nazareth is fabulous! The story and the inspiration of young Mary becoming the mother of our Lord - with all the incumbent questions, joys and fears - comes to life with the images, colors, words, songs and dances from long ago Nazareth…. right up to today. Participants are involved and included in the retreat experience. It is hands on and fulfilling. Everyone goes away with a full heart, ready to engage the season of Advent and the coming once again of Christ into our days. 

A partial list of retreat offerings would include: Once Upon a Time in a Town Called Nazareth, The Women Who Follow Jesus, The First Supper, Witnesses on the Way: an Interactive Stations of the Cross, Encounters with the Risen Lord, God’s Gift of Abundant Time, Grandmother God: Loving as God Loves, An Evening with Esther, and Wisdom from Tobit.

Spiritual Direction

A more apt name might be "spiritual companioning.”  I often think of the disciples on the Road to Emmaus when doing Spiritual Direction.  On life's road, Christ draws alongside, unseen but ever present, though we are often only partially aware.  Spiritual Direction is intentional attentiveness to that Presence in the company of an other who walks that same journey.  To read more about this gentle disciple, go to the Spiritual Direction page on this website.

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