God Talk by Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

Your Ash Wednesday Assignment
2/10/2016  Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

Here’s a simple Ash Wednesday assignment for you.  Fold a lined sheet of paper in lengthwise.  Now open it and write across the left top, "Memories of Lent.”  Across the right top, write, "Memories of Easter.”  For five minutes just free write what comes to mind from your childhood up to now. 
Compare the two lists.  Which is longer?  More meaningful?  More "spiritual?”  My guess is that your "winning” list, like mine is Lent.  Yes there were trivial things like giving up chocolate and tuna fish casserole.  But there were also memories of retreats led and attended, Stations, great spiritual books, going out at night as a child to attend Holy Thursday holy hour.  The "good” stuff under Easter was mostly as related to RCIA and the Easter Vigil—Alleluia, striking the new fire and full immersion Baptism.  But most of it was chocolate bunnies, new shoes, coloring eggs, ham dinner, etc.  Lent lasted 40 days and marked me.  Easter was pretty much over once the ears had been nibbled off the bunny.  

Maybe you did better—I hope you did.  But if you realize that Easter can sometimes be "less than” Lent, plan now to sign up for our Easter retreat,

An Invitation and a Promise. . .
As you begin your Lenten journey, the invitation is to look to your destination, the Easter that Lent is all about.  However well or not you follow through on Lenten intentions, I ask you now to keep your eyes on the Prize, the Risen Lord. 
My own Lenten journey will be spent praying and planning an Easter retreat that I hope you will join. 
Starting Easter Sunday, we will begin a seven-week examination of the post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus.  These will come as a free online resource/meditation to you.  Reflection questions and suggestions will be included and will be able to post your reply and read those of others. 
I encourage you to sign up now and join me for WITNESSES TO RESURRECTION. You will receive an email every Sunday, starting Easter. To register click the image above or follow this link.

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