God Talk by Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

2015 Heralds of Hope
1/12/2015  Kathleen MacInnis Kichline

Hope so often manifests itself on an as-needed basis.  Thus it is that in these days of protracted darkness, the eyes of the soul adjust to the lack of light and are given the opportunity to see what is, perhaps, always there but often not perceived.  Sometimes dim shapes emerge and overtake us as awareness—that we are grateful, or longing, or in awe.  Other times, insights shimmer like northern lights—sudden, glorious, elusive flashes of significance.

I 2015 Heralds of Hope | Kathleen Kichlinewas gifted recently with one image of hope that I carry with me into the new year.  Three days a week, I drive a curve of road along the Stillaguamish River.  One glorious morning when the snow had descended to the foothills, the glint of sunlight caromed off the white mountain tops and cascaded onto large shards of ice strewn across the pasture ahead.  It was as if White Horse Glacier had inexplicably shattered and tumbled into the valley below.  Those dazzling white crescents were no glacier offspring, however.  From much farther away the Snow Geese had arri...
Who We Are: SISTERS IN SCRIPTURE began with bible studies for women. Scripture was the perfect place to start for it is there that we encounter God’s story and it is there that, wonder of wonders, we discover our own story as well. A holy conversation begins that draws us into an ever widening circle, a circle with God at the center.
Kathleen speaking at the Spring Tea hosted by FCCW at All Saints Parish, Puyallup, WA

What we are about: Creating an awareness of God's ever-present and available grace in our lives.

How we do it: Providing opportunities for holy conversation that are attentive to, share in, and respond to God's ongoing revelation.

In the Word: Through Bible studies that teach, build community, foster prayer, and are relevant to everyday life.

In Community: Through retreats and workshops that provide opportunities to experience and share God's unfolding purpose.

In Resources: Through online and published resources that inspire, educate and connect.

On this site, you will find the scripture studies that host such conversation. You will also see other opportunities to come together and further consider God’s story, your story and the place where they come together.

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